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Huang Xiaoming comes to Hong Kong for a short stay before continuing to work in Taiwan
Karena Ng says that she is thinner from working out
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Huang Xiaoming yesterday attended a Tissot Recently he and his girlfriend Angelababy were rumored to have broken up. They were caught meeting at night earlier. Huang Xiaoming lately has been busy promoting his new film with Baby, A SENTIMENTAL STORY. When asked about the break up, his assistant immediately told reporters to ask other questions. Huang Xiaoming instead asked if they were making up news, reporters said that they were only confirming th Mainland report. He hesitated then said, "Film promotions have to have certain extends, don't go overboard and don't hurt others. Am I still with Baby? Let's not talk about this." Did the rumor hurt his relationship with Baby? Huang Xiaoming joked, "It hurt my own relationship. Was Baby unhappy? You ask her!"

Huang Xiaoming appeared with smoky eye make up as a CHINESE IDOL judge, was made fun of and criticized online. He joked, "It doesn't matter, I never said it looked good. I just wanted to cheer everyone up." He said that he did not ask Baby for makeup technique advice.

Karena Ng Chin Yu and her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung were rumored to be clingy in love. Earlier she was caught visiting her boyfriend on the set in the Mainland, was accused of distracting Lam Fung and led to bad takes. Ng Chin Yu denied the rumor. "There was no such thing, I don't want to talk too much about personal matter." Was she supervising because she was afraid that her boyfriend was tempted in the Mainland? Ng Chin Yu denied that. "Everyone has their own jobs, I only went to support him. I feel I don't need to supervise. I would understand that everyone are working." Would she visit less? Ng Chin Yu said that every time she was caught on camera wherever she went. Actually she did not go too many times.

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