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Lillian Lee Bik Wa's novel series has been adapted into TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH) and TALES FROM THE DARK 2 (KEI WAN YEH). In the first TALES FROM THE DARK Lo Hoi Pang and Susan Shaw Yam Yam's scene blasted "Z.Y. Leung" and went viral online. The upcoming release TALES FROM THE DARK 2 had an appearance from 'Butchered Room Bo'. Teddy Robin Kwan directed this segment, with Vincent Wan Yeung Ming as the "Uncle Bo" character.

When Wan Yeung Ming appeared and said to his mobile phone, "I 'Butchered Room Bo' have over 200 rooms, my word is gold. You can relax! With an 1,000 square foot unit including a balcony, I can butcher it into 8 rooms for you! Of course! Profit to the max!" The dialogue would make people smile from the heart. Wan Yeung Ming's image was "Uncle Bo head" with gold wire frame glasses and a suit. It was not hard to be reminded of the negative news tangled Development Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po.

The story was adapted on Lee Bik Wa's short novels that were released last year. The original work did not have "Butchered Room Bo", the film added this character in the last minute. Lee Bik Wa admitted that it was a parody but the story also required it, since its climax took place in a butchered (subdivided) room.

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