Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Ngai) two days ago suspected that her former management company released her nude photos and would contact the police. Yesterday her management company said, "The company has already issued a legal letter to Cheung Woon Ngai, accusing her of slander and going after HK$500,000 from jobs that she privately took from the company." The company also said that Cheung Woon Ngai once admitted taking over thousands of nude photos and as many as four to five people have them.

Meanwhile, she was already revealed to be married to director Mark Wu Yiu Fai. Cheung Woon Ngai intended to return to Hong Kong for a press conference in August. Wu Yiu Fai who just returned from the Mainland two days ago held a press conference in the film company. He admitted that he was already married but declined to reveal the wedding details. Speaking of his wife's nude photos, he said, "I will leave it for her, she should be back in Hong Kong soon. I absolutely support my wife and I don't mind. (How is your wife?) I have alot to do, we have talked a little over the phone. (She only admitted that you were dating?) No, she just misspoke."

As for his wife's nude photo leak, Wu Yiu Fai said that he would not eliminate taking legal action. "If you are going to steal other people's stuff please be a little smarter. If you did it you definitely would be found out. It's a felony." As for his wife's problems with her former manager, Wu Yiu Fai was upset. "I know about this person for awhile, I don't have any fondness for or impression of him. Do you think he is (Mani) Fok Man Hei or Paco Wong?"

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