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Denise Ho could not help but break down when she stared at her mentor Anita Mui's photos
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Fashion designer Eddie Lau Pui Kei released his new book and yesterday held a forum at the Book Fair. He invited Denise Ho Wan Si and famous model Liu Juanjuan to be his guests.

Lau Pui Kei were close friends with late artists Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and Anita Mui Yim Fong. Yesterday he talked about seeing Gor Gor for the last time at the funeral home for the first time. "Gor Gor has always been recognized as the hunk of the generation. I have known him since we were little, I never thought that he was handsome. When I went to the funeral home and saw Gor Gor sleeping there, at that moment I finally realized that Cheung Kwok Wing truly was so beautiful that he was flawless!"

Lau Pui Kei said that Gor Gor's face was undamaged. "He was sharply dressed and looked very peaceful, you could feel at that moment he was happy. Although he chose that way, he didn't harm the beauty that Heaven gave him."

When he was speaking of Ah Mui and when the vent played Ah Mui's song YEARS FLOW LIKE WATER, Lau Pui Kei and Ho Wan Si shed tears sentimentally. Lau Pui Kei said, "I saw Ho Wan Si presenting incense to Ah Mui at the funeral home. When I saw her eyes I felt that she truly loved Ah Mui very much. Thus when she asked me to make costumes for her 2006 concert, I used the same fabric that I used for Ah Mui's costume to create the continuation of love version." Ho Wan Si heard and could not help but cry.

Ho Wan Si praised Lau Pui Kei for speaking directly. "When he tells a story, you seem to have returned to the brilliance of the 80s." Ho Wan Si has already invited Lau Pui Kei to design costumes for her October concert and had to save the surprises for everyone. Lau Pui Kei said, "I know she will perform a concert, but I still haven't found the fabric yet!"

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