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The crew gives Donnie Yen a massage
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The "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Mainland actor Wang Baoqiang in the Emperor new film YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM played modern martial art masters. Earlier they appeared in Tai O for a chase scene. Known for his fighting, Yen Chi Tan despite old wounds still put a lot of effort into his fight scene. Wang Baoqiang for his river jumping scene ignored the dirty water and just jumped in. His professionalism should be commended.

The Teddy Chan Tak Sum directed Emperor new film YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM had Yen Chi Tan as its star and action director. Chi Tan and Mainland actor Wang Baoqiang in the film both played modern martial art experts. They earlier worked on location in Tai O. That day the Yen Chi Tan and Deep Ng Ho Hong who played a cop chased Wang Baoqiang. On the set, before the shoot Chi Tan not only did his warm up exercises but also had a massage on his waist from the crew. Then the fighting scenes officially began.

Was he injured? Chi Tan said, "I have some old injuries and some new injuries on my waist, with reporters here of course I have to tough it out! However I performed most of the action scenes myself. One person for two jobs, I am quite a value. Thus how can anyone possibly say that I charged so much!" H admitted that despite his old wounds he still would try to personally perform fight scenes in hopes of making them the most realistic.

Also playing a modern martial art expert Wang Baoqiang appeared hobbling with a few scars on his face to add to his weathered impression. As for the scars on his hand, Wang Baoqiang lightly said that they were from the shoot but were no big deal. When he jumped into the sewage water under the Tai O row houses, he had no stage fright at all and gave quite an effort. When he returned to the boat he immediately cleaned his face with clean water. Even when the director asked him to jump again, he still performed as asked and was very professional.

How did he feel about jumping into the dirty water, Wang Baoqiang said, "The water is very salty, the flavor is not bad." Yen Chi Tan joked, "I just peed into the stream, all of us did that." Everyone cracked.

Wang Baoqiang did not forget to praise Tai O's beautiful scenery. He admitted that for this shoot he will stay in Hong Kong for two months, naturally he missed his family. He said, "I missed my children at home." Why did he not bring his wife to work in Hong Kong with him? He said, "She has been here before, but because the children had school they already went back." Did he exchange any parenthood tips with Yen Chi Tan? Wang Baoqiang said, "Chi Tan is a good father and is very responsible, but I too many a responsible person."

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