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Tony Leung Chiu Wai leans back on his chair
Cecilia Yip gives reporters a thumbs up
Peter Chan, Sandra Ng
Eric Tsang needs help when he leaves
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Chan Kwok Fun and Cecilia Yip Tung two nights ago celebrated their 25th silver anniversary with friends like Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching and her husband Shum Ka Wai, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Lui Fong, Kathy Chow Man Kei, Andrew Lau Wai Keung and other.

Most presents were wine so they had their fill. Chan Kwok Fun posted a photo. Hok Yau was all red from drinking and bumped heads with Leung Chiu Wai; Wai Jai also looked very mischievous and raised a victory sign.

Cheung Hok Yau yesterday was the first guest on a Phoenix U Radio program. Two nights ago he attended Yip Tung and Chan Kwok Fun's 25th silver wedding anniversary party. When he left he was all red from drinking as he avoided reporters' cameras. He said, "At a party I naturally would drink, but I wasn't drunk. I just didn't want reporters to take pictures. My gift to Yip Tung was also wine. Tsang Chi Wai, Leung Chiu Wai and others were on hand. They drank and chatted, but Chi Wai fell asleep soon after arriving." He said that he and May Law Mei Mei in the past only celebrated their wedding anniversaries with dinner. They had no plan for a big party. Their wedding was not a big deal either.

Hok Yau recently grew facial hair for a movie but he still has not decided on whether to take it or not. If confirmed work will begin in September. Speaking of Aaron Kwok Fu Sing wanted to direct and bring the Four Great Heavenly Kings together for a collaboration, Hok Yau said, "I haven't heard, I would check out the script and the character first before deciding whether I would make it."

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