Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Model Mandy Lieu appears in a swimsuit for the first time
Aside from swimsuit scenes, Mandy Lieu also has passionate scenes
courtesy of mingpao.com

Mandy Lieu starred in the Chip Tsao (To Kit) directed film OI. CHUM. MAI. (LOVE. SEEK. MYSTERY) and played a political figure's wife who had an affair. The film had many daring love scenes. Mandy had no stage fright though. Yesterday she even worked on her first swimsuit scene. To Kit could not help but praise how "hot" she was.

Mandy yesterday wore her own swimsuit for a swimming pool scene. She said, "I have never modeled in a swimsuit show, this time I chose the swimsuit. During the shoot I am not afraid of the team's eyes. It isn't awkward since I started as a model." For the character, Mandy not only displayed all of her femininity but also performed daring love scenes with the lead actor. She challenged her personal bottom line. "I wore sexy underwear and performed a passionate kiss scene for the first time. During the shoot the team automatically cleared the set for me. I wasn't embarrassed and let go in my performance. Unfortunately I was too in character, as soon as I got close I torn my co-star's shirt and ripped off buttons, had several bad takes. Even my co-star thought I was rough."

Mandy was pleased with her performance. To Kit also praised her for having acting abilities, looks and figure. To Kit said, "Mandy's performance as an invasive character is great, it is wild enough! Our thinking and our views of the world are the same, we are on the same wavelength and the collaboration has been pleasant."

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