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Lau Ching Wan
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The Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Angelica Lee Sinjie starred in INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D). Although Ching Wan and Goo Jai have worked on fire disaster film and television series years ago, they were surprised to learn that their previous experience was sorely lacking. Thus this time before the new film shoot, they did all their homework in order to handle a series of danger filled fire scenes.

Goo Jai revealed, in one scene he had to stand on the window ledge outside a building and used a safety rope to bring up Sinjie and Chen Sicheng from the fire in the floor below. He said, "I never imagined that this scene would expend so much energy. I remember that those two scenes had to be shot consecutively. One scene took 10 days, then the other took 5 more days. They truly were exhausting. In the last two days of the shoot, my arms were so tired that they would shake from holding chopsticks. I couldn't even speak." Goo Jai even admitted that this film was the most difficult experience in his career.

Ching Wan said that the metal clips hindered his acting and refused to wear a safety rope. He said, "With all the padding below it's very safe, I feel I can muster up some courage and perform."

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