Thursday, July 25, 2013


Jay Chou leaves the good stuff to Darren
In the film Chairman Chou is in hot pursuit of big star Li Xinai
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The Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) written, directed and starred THE ROOFTOP features the 1/4 Russian new "J Girl" with a resemblance to Angelababy, Li Xinai. They have many sweet romantic scenes in the film. Producer Will Liu discovered Li Xinai while crossing the street, then he introduced her to Chairman Chou. Thus she was jokingly nicknamed, "Cinderella of the Crosswalk". Although Li Xinai had no performance experience, with her fresh and cute look she caught Chairman Chou's eyes.

Playing a big star in the film, Li Xinai received Chairman Chou's mad pursuit. Chairman Chou brought her to the night market for gold fish and serenaded her on the rooftop to win her heart. Chairman Chou also hung in mid air to give her roses. She gave up her first on screen kiss in her first performance, but to The Drifters' Darren and not Chow Kit Lun. Actually always "keeping his integrity" Chairman Chou gave the opportunity to his good brother Darren. Chairman Chou joked, "This prove that I am very righteous, I didn't benefit myself." He even said that Darren and Li Xinai would perform a strong rape scene.

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