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Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) after making LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) and DUE WEST OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI) got into more gossips as she grew more popular. She has been rumored on numerous occasions to be a full body "clone" and have a less than discreet personal life. Earlier after she blasted her former management company for "unfair treatment" and demanded a contract termination, she who insisted on "unlimited sexy but no nudity" finally had her fully nude photos posted online.

Yesterday 17 of Angelina's "nude photos" spread like wildfire online. However in the photos her figure and looks were obviously different from now, seemingly they were taken before her "re-evolution". Yet from her tan skin tone and her waist tattoo, she was definitely Angelina.

Currently working on her new film HONG KONG UNDERCOVER COP (MANG LUNG DUT GWING) in Shanghai, she was very surprised to hear about the nude photos. "Huh! They are online? I haven't seen them, could you describe them? Are they with just me?" When reporters told her in detail, she said, "OK, they are mine! This series of photos were taken in 2009, at the time I was still a kid, a famous Hong Kong photographer friend took them. I am aboveboard. The photos weren't ugly. Since I did it I am not afraid of admitting it. They are artistic photos." Was she worried about the nude photos making people think about indecent proposals? Angelina almost swore, "I graduated from a certain Shandong university with a degree in English. I was a top student, my English is great. With such a high educational background, why do I have to be a chicken (prostitute)? If I was, I don't have to toil as an artist. My success today is accumulated from my step by step effort. If I was a chicken, why would I have to suffer and come to Hong Kong? Why do I still have to take the MTR?"

Why would the nude photos leak out? Angelina said with certainty, "My former manager, only I, my former manager and the photographer had the photos, but I think the photographer probably didn't keep those photos. Before signing with my former manager, I admitted that I had nude photos and even handed them to him for half a year. (Do you have proof?) What proof would I need?" Speaking of her "grudge" with her former management company and its accusation that she has only made around 400,000 for the company, not the million that she claimed and that she violated her contract by privately taking jobs, she angrily explained with profanity, "That xx! I don't know how to describe him in Cantonese! I had proof that I made money for the company, I want to return to Hong Kong and hold a press conference. You ask him if he dares to face me face to face?" After that she got so upset that she broke down. She then said, "I am not crying because of the nude photos, but because I am very insulted. From the start he never helped me, he only helped other female artists."

Angelina's former management company yesterday said, "The company's accounting department has the tax forms and information, I have proof. Justice is in the hearts of the people." He also said that he would not face off with Angelina. "She is crazy, I won't be crazy with her." At the same time he denied publishing the nude photos. "Does she have any proof?"

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