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Bai Bing has to hold back laughter when working with Wang Baoqiang
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Donnie Yen and boss Albert Yeung
Alex Fong Chung Shun jokes that adding a bed scene with his goddess Charlie Yeung would be the best
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The Emperor Motion Picture YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM (THE MARTIAL ART WORLD OF ONE PERSON) earlier held its production start ceremony. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing led director Teddy Chan Tak Sum, actors Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wang Baoqiang, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Bai Bing and Deep Ng Ho Hong to the worship ceremony. Yeung Sau Sing celebrated Yen Chi Tan's 50th birthday Saturday in advance. Chan Tak Sum also presented the film's 12 inch figure to him as a present, which made Yen Chi Tan rather happy.

Yen Chi Tan said, "Every year I have a few days that I don't work on, my wife's birthday, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. I definitely would stop working on my birthday. People can't work everyday." Reportedly this film will salute the elders of action, Yen Chi Tan admitted that he would not have a lot of pressure because of that. Mainly he wanted to pay tribute to them from his heart. In comparison self breakthrough would have the most pressure, in addition the idea of the salute came from the director. As a Hong Kong action actor I of course couldn't agree more."

In action scenes with Yeung Choi Nei, did he have to accommodate? Yen Chi Tan said, "Whether she has any martial art experience or not, as long as she is an actress I would accommodate. This is the consideration and demeanor that a man should have; earlier when I worked with Wai Ying Hung on WUXIA I didn't treat her like a man either."

Yeung Choi Nei pointed out that she played a police officer in the film and only needed to use a gun. She did not need ot fight. She said, "Before hand I went to classes to learn about guns, I hope they are helpful to the shoot. (Did you ask Yen Chi Tan to teach you kung fu?) Working together on the shoot is already a lot of fun. Watching him in fight scenes on the set, I was already wowed. I focused on gun practices, to the point that I wouldn't blink when I fire. (Would you have any kiss scene with Yen Chi Tan?) Our relationship isn't this type at all, with (Alex) Fong Chung Shum I have a little romance."

When Fong Chung Shun and Yeung Choi Nei posed for photos, he had a smug look and said that this time finally he was able to hug his childhood goddess.

He joked, "I am 30 something too, the shoot has quite a first love feel. Now all my self confidence is back. I remember when I first got into the business, I worked on a Yeung Choi Nei music video and I was the music video lead actor; now she is just as great. (Has you asked for kiss scene?) Adding a bed scene would be the best, but I am not the screen writing. It's very hard to add!"

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