Tuesday, July 23, 2013


courtesy of mingpao.com

Karl Maka is not only a pallbearer today but yesterday he also arrived early to "bring light" to the 3 filial lions. Maka recalled "grace" and "causality" with Master Lau. He said, "Years ago when I first arrived from the U.S., Master Lau was my benefactor. He was honorable, had a big brother presence. He never treated me like an extra and stuffed money to me for meals. He would also take me drinking. Later at Cinema City I also invited Master Lau to work together." Maka felt that he and Master Lau knew each other in a previous life. Lau Kar Leung's pallbearers included Financial Secretary Tsang Chun Wa, Karl Maka, Yasuaki Kurata, John Chiang Dai Wei, Chi Kuan-chun, Tong Kai, Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Shek Chi Bun (Shek Kin's son).

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