Monday, July 29, 2013


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Teddy Robin Kwan in the new film TALES FROM THE DARK 2 (KEI WAN YEH) directed and starred in a segment. This time he even performed a super passionate bed scene with "DUE WEST girl" Aliza Mo (Mok Yi Man). In the story he ran into "prostitute" Mok Yi Man, who offered herself to him on the street. While seeking pleasure in a room they got more and more passionate. He actually opened his mouth and bit her chest. She lay in the bed only in her underwear at his mercy. The scene was both bloody and violent!

No wonder producer Matthew Tang Hong Keung admitted, "This is the most shocking time in my film career, the visual and the concept are very daring, so you can imagine how great the pressure was on the actors." He also praised both for leaving their baggage to completely let go. They were rather professional.

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