Monday, July 22, 2013


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Denise Ho Wan Si after 4 years returns to the Hong Kong Coliseums with two shows of her MEMENTO LIVE concert in October 19 and 20. The poster is unprecedented sexy, was shot in Japan and cost HK$500,000. Ah Si said that "The image designer handed me a pair of nude bras, I screamed several times and askd if I really had to shoot like this. I saw how professional everyone was, so my confidence grew. Originally I thought just a few pictures, after I saw the set I became more and more confidence. I felt that this type of break through was what I needed. I hoped to break out of the frame. Whether in fashion or in sexual orientation I would no longer be limited. As a professional artist, I should bravely take the first step toward things I haven't tried before. I can't be complacent."

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