Thursday, October 10, 2013

[2013.10.11] 300 FANS REMEMBER ANITA MUI

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Fans gather on Avenue of the Stars to remember Anita Mui
Two costumes on display are from fans' private collections
Ms. So's watch was Anita Mui's
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Anita Mui Fong would have turned 50th on October 10. Although she has already passed away for 10 years, she still deeply remained in Mui fan's hearts. Yesterday different format memorial events took place. "Hong Kong Daughter" Mui Yim Fong left her singing to comfort Mui fans' hearts. Items from Ah Mui's former home will be auctioned tomorrow. Some Mui Fans' hearts ached over items with sentimental values were being sold and prepared to bid on their idol's items for their collections.

Mui fans last night on the Avenue of Stars and at the Tsim Sha Tsui East Shangri-La Hotel remember their idols. 100 people gathered on the Avenue of Stars, some took requests for Mui Yim Fong songs. Fans' harts ached as Ah Mui's items were being sold and felt that awards should not be sold. A Mui fans said that a fan from England waited for Beckham for a month to get his autograph on a soccer ball and gave it to Ah Mui. "When Ah Mui received the Beckham autographed soccer ball, she went from originally ailing to happy and alert."

The event at the hotel had 200 people in attendance. Anthony Lun Wing Leung also participated. Two of Mui Yim Fong's stage costumes were on display. The fan club and a Japanese Mui fan won them at auctions and put them on loan. Commemorative silver coins, film tickets and other items were available for purchase.

The proceed from the sales will go to Mainland school construction in Mui Yim Fong's name. Currently Anita Mui Elementary Schools are in Guizhou, Guangxi and Gansu. The watch that Ms. So wore was Mui Yim Fong's. She won it with a bid of HK$ 120,000 at a Sotheby auction. Items from Ah Mui's former home will be auctioned. Ms. So said, "From a different angle, Mui fans have a chance to own their idol's items. I will participate too. The fan club plans to organize Mui Jeh passing 10th anniversary exhibit in December. Everyone will put their collections on display."

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