Friday, October 18, 2013


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two days ago attended the film SPECIAL ID (DUT SHU SUN FUN)'s Guangzhou premiere press conference. Recently an actor salary chart that surfaced online rumored that Chi Tan led with 30 million. Although he did not directly respond, during the financial storm his account only had 100 bucks. He could only borrow money from promoting film company products. He also said that the market determined salary, no matter how much it was his work ethics would not change. Near the end of the event a reporter mentioned his rumored dispute with Vincent Zhao Wenzhou, he admitted that at first he personally invited him to make the film. Later due to issues he personally negotiated with Zhou's manager, who proceeded to attack him. "They said that we were at a war of words, I never responded. I think I won't work with Zhao Wenzhou again, because he owes viewers and the people who were hurt an explanation."

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