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Karena Ng was present during Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam's kiss scene
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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan in the film BABY BLUES 3D (3D NGAI YING) played a music diva who had a swimming pool kiss scene with her song writer Raymond Lam Fung. She said that it was not awkward because they were very familiar. Was she afraid that her co-star Karena Ng Chin Yu would be jealous? Tsui Tsz Shan laughed and said, "Sorry!" She said that Ng Chin Yu did not "deliberately supervise" because Ng Chin Yu was also in the scene.

When Tsui Tsz Shan shot this kiss scene, Lam Fung and Ng Chin Yu have not publicized their romance yet. However she and Lam Fung had the same manager so she knew early on. Did they flirt on the set? Tsui Tsz Shan said, "I didn't particularly notice to avoid seeming very envious, but I am happy for Lam Fung for being real love. I feel that he is a few years younger." Tsui Tsz Shan declined to be a third party in real life, as she believed that she would not run into jerks who would have wives without her knowing.

Speaking of her sexy bottom line, Tsui Tsz Shan said that it would depend on the story. However she could not accept Tang Wei's LUST, CAUTION all nude performance and believed that her future husband would not be able to either. Tsui Tsz Shan described that she only lacked self love as she never thought about posing for nude photos for herself. Even if her husband asked, she would decline. "He can take it himself, I won't cooperate unless I am pregnant."

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