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Ting Pei tries not to look at the Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars
Ting Pei listens to Bruce Lee's tapes in her car
Ting Pei hopes to continue Bruce Lee's martial art spirit
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40 years ago Bruce Lee passed away in Ting Pei's home, which led to a variety of speculations. Ting Pei suffered pressure from all the talk. Yesterday she stressed during her Radio Hong Kong interview that Bruce Lee passed away in his sleep. She hoped that everyone would respect his choice and not the disgusting rumors outside.

As Bruce Lee's girlfriend Ting Pei said, "I believe he liked me more than I liked him, because Bruce Lee constantly praised me." Everyone was concerned with the truth between Bruce Lee's passing at her home. They were rumored to be in an intimate act during it, and drugs were rumored to be involved as well. Ting Pei said, "I have heard many ugly rumors about sex drug or Spanish Fly, I have heard them all. Actually he passed away in his dream, he was very lucky. Bruce Lee at the time said that he felt somewhat unwell, had a little headache, took some pain pills and rested for awhile. I want to say, pain pills aren't strong enough to make people go 'bye bye' like that, otherwise the drug company would have to bear a lot of responsibility. I have never heard of anyone die from making love."

Bruce Lee's death made the then 26 year old Ting Pei face a lot of pressure and unfairness. Yet when she saw the items that Bruce Lee left her, she felt it was very meaningful. They included the Jeet Kune Do founder badge, many English music groups' tapes. Every time she was having a hard time she would listen to them and thus felt encouraged. Ting Pei has always kept the bedding that Bruce Lee used. Yet due to improper handling she threw it out a few years ago.

Were they in love? Did she want to be Mrs. Lee? Ting Pei said, "I was young at the time, I never thought about destroying someone else's family. We got along, Bruce Lee liked me. If I didn't like him I would have to be nuts! I remembered at the time he trained himself to the limits, I have heard he saying that he was very tired. Sometimes life was destined, but his death was more painful to me than death itself. I hoped to pass on what he did not finish, I am like a female Bruce Lee. I am his disciple, Bruce Lee is inside me, we are already one. We are connected in life and death, I can't disappoint him." Ting Pei said that after Bruce Lee's death, his wife Linda approached her. They respected each other. She was very refined and never blamed her.

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