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Donnie Yen relies on his will power to overcome hardship to have his achievement today.
Donnie Yen gets excited as soon as he talks about films
Donnie Yen has high expectations for the film industry
Chi Tan asks Andy Tien to substitute in and praises his potential
Donnie Yen is willing to make sacrifices for his family
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As the current "Hong Kong Kung Fu Grand Master", Donnie Yen Chi felt that he had a sense of mission. He could not just look at money, sometimes when he risked his life he instead would hear it was more trouble than it was worth, yet he still accepted everything fully. Obviously he was still full of passion for the film industry. Earlier when he made a movie he attracted piles of problems, yet Chi Tan treated them like a type of emotional quotient training. He deeply believed that nothing could not be toughed out. He only hoped that everyone would recognize that he too was an ordinary person and not a god.

"To the "Strongest in the Universe" title, honestly I am not resistant. However I hope everyone would not think that I have a halo over my head. I often teach my own children to have their feet firmly on the ground, love the community, family and cherish everything in front of them are already enough. The only thing special that I am proud of, I believe, is my personal will power!"

"For example when I made IP MAN, all the action scenes gave my right arm a lot of pain. I couldn't help but suggest to the action choreographer (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo to move the fighting to the left arm. However when I took my mark I could be just fine. Or when I made THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG), everyday before work make up took several hours. I would already be very tired. All the hair on my face was inconvenient too. At meals I could only watch others savor theirs. I lived such inhuman life for several months. Finally the film was completed successfully. Actually in my heart, nothing can't be toughed out!"

"Publications often make a big deal out of my income. Actually as a filmmaker, I only toil for 31 years because I love this art. When a good friend (Alex) Wong Hoi Fung introduced my new film SPECIAL ID (DUT SHU SUN FUN) boss to me, after the film successfully started a series of problems arose. At the time I only had two choices in front of me, either I also produce and write the story anew or the team disbands and the production is scrapped. At the time I thought, all I had to say was no and over a hundred industry elites would suddenly become 'unemployed'. Perhaps everyone would feel I was dumb or made more trouble then it was worth, but I very soon agreed to take over. Finally it led to big trouble, which was also not what I expected."

"I still remember years ago when (Peter) Chan Ho Sun asked me to shoot the BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUT WAI SING) major fight scene again, I agreed and volunteered without any hesitation. Even though in the end the film was nominated for Best Action Choreography my name was not included, I didn't mind. Being able to do my part for the Hong Kong film industry, I felt a sense of duty and it also felt natural."

"The SPECIAL ID production can be described as emotionally and physically draining with negative criticism (Chi Tan asks Vincent Zhao Wenzhou to perform. He finally resigned. Many afterward left messages online to attack Chi Tan and industry insiders who supported him). Looking back I saw it as a intelligence and emotional quotient training. The bottom line is time is the best proof of truth. I believe heaven is watching what people are doing. As the internet opens up more and more, everyone enjoys freedom of speech too much. On a certain level it also creates a type of internet violence."

"Yet, everything has two sides. Someone's sudden resignation not only made me ask (Andy) On Chi Kit to substitute in but also opened my eyes to this up and coming talent. I feel that he has a lot of potential to be "Current action film successor". For action film productions now, actors not only have to fight but also act. He has all the qualities and is a good actor who does the job. If you force me to answer what he is missing from becoming a star, timing, location and people. When it is your turns you can't escape it no matter what. For example, I had to perform until age 40 to have a character that received audience recognition and agreement. Since he doesn't have a rich dad to open a film company and push him, I feel taking one step at a time slowly isn't a bad thing either."

Chi Tan appreciates very much the Hong Kong filmmaker unity and is proud of it. As for the film industry, he has always held high expectations. Recently he even established his own film company to produce some subjects that interest him. For example his company's first film GAU LUNG SING JAI (KOWLOON WALLED CITY) will start production early next year.

Aside from his love of film, Chi tan loves his family just as much. After starting his own film company, would he have more time to stay in Hong Kong to work and be with his family? As he talked, he smiled from the heart and said, "At least after work I can have dinner at home." All tenderhearted tough guys are perhaps like this!

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