Friday, October 18, 2013


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Chapman To Man Jat yesterday attended an "ant slavery day" press conference. Earlier he invited his friend Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, whose long neck vanished from "PS" (Photo Shop).

To Man Jat said, "It's a lighting and angle issue, the world renowned Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) was in charge of the poster. No one needed to be studied. People online catch flaws everyday, which is good too since they were able to bring everyone's attention." He made a dirty joked about Sit Hoi Kei's neck. "Her neck is sometimes long and sometimes short, I didn't know that this part for women can be sometimes long and sometimes short too. However her neck is pretty."

To Man Jat today will go to Japan again for the NAKED AMBITION 3D (HO CHING 3D) shoot. "Many people are envious that I am working with former adult video actress Maiko Yuki and others on this film, but this is a serious misunderstanding. Only I truly know the pain. It's like going to a dinner that only has first course but no main course. I am not making category IV films, there is no process. Thus there are both psychological and biological changes. During rests I no longer wanted to see the female figure. Seeing you wearing so much clothes, I am very happy." Did his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei ask if he enjoyed his movie with adult video actresses? To Man Jat said, "I told her the entire process, she was very satisfied and accepting. She even said that I was very daring; when I gave her a retro wallet as a gift, she immediately shut up."

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