Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Albert Yeung (second left) and Mani Fok (right)
Alice Luo, Nicholas Tse, Gao Yuanyuan, Qin Hao
courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of mingpao.com

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan's romantic film WITH OR WITHOUT (YUT SUN YUT SAI) yesterday held a production start ceremony in Beijing; they lit firecrackers and Yuanyuan leaped out of the way in fright. She said that she was surprised and a little embarrassed but not hurt.

Ting Fung officially worked on his first romance. He felt that he needed to, and with Gao Yuanyuan he decided to take the role. He said that romance was more relaxed, only a little colder. They will play from age 20 to 30 something. Ting Fung said that playing 20 something would be very hard. Yuanyuan said that as long as he smiled he would be 15 years younger. With lighting and make up he should be able to. They will have intimate scenes, mainly depending on the director's demand and the story requirements they would try to coordinate as much as they could. Ting Fung said that the shoot would be a little awkward.

Yuanyuan was full of romantic film experience, would she teach Ting Fung? She said that she and Ting Fung did not have much exchange before, but they still had chemistry. She felt that everyone would have the experience of loving someone and did not need any special lesson. Ting Fung's love life has always garnered a lot of attention. How is he now? He said, "Very good. (Good?) I am just saying, do you have any other question?"

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