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Anita Yuen reveals on TELLING MARIA 2 that a certain new comer never apologized for elbowing her
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Nicola Cheung Sun Yu two nights ago attended a fashion magazine event with her husband. Anita Yuen Wing Yi earlier on the TELLING MARIA 2 program mentioned that in 1997 when she worked with a certain new comer on the film HE COMES FROM PLANET K (NGONG SING SIN SUN) some was elbowing for the spotlight. Some said that the new comer was Cheung Sun Yui.

Cheung Sun Yui two nights ago responded. "I didn't see the program, I only found out from friends. For something that happened 16 years ago, I really can't remember. I would choose to remember the happy stuff, I have let go of a lot a long time ago." Would she apologize to Len Len? She said that since she forgot, what would she apologize for? She said, "I really like Len Len's C'EST LA VIE MON CHERI (SUN BUT LIU CHING), I hope to see her breakthrough performance soon."

Would they feel awkward when they see each other? She said that she would not. Sometimes they would run into each other but never had a chance to greet each other. Now they are both mothers as well and busy on their own. Since she is Mrs. Yeung now, she should let go of show business and no more needed to be said.

Yuen Wing Yi yesterday responded to Cheung Sun Yui forgetting any unpleasantness with her before. "That's good, I only said that when I was making movies before I didn't handle my emotions well enough. At the time I wasn't experienced enough. Later I have seen her. Once I ran into her at th supermarket and greeted her. The misunderstanding of youth is now let go as we are both mothers now."

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