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Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier suddenly resigned from his Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild chair post. Choices for his successor became the center of attention. Rumored to be suitable choices were Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Eason Chan Yik Shun and others. Wong Chau Sun had the most support. Chi Wai said that he had a few choices in his mind as well and they were all responsible people. However he would not reveal them as he was afraid that he would affect membership voting.

Chi Wai lamented, "In the past no matter how disillusioned I was I would still tough it out, after all the no I still served for 10 years. We created this Guild as a group. Ah Mui (Anita Mui Yim Fong) asked me to take care of it before she passed away. My duty now has been completed."

Chi Wai did not want let others take advantage and made the decision. "This time someone is taking advantage, many who are not related chimed in. I felt that I had to come out and make an explanation. If I didn't they would continue to take advantage."

Currently working in the Mainland, Chau Sun learned that he was a favorite to be the next chair. He said, "Who said that? Showing me so much respect."

Would he be interested if he was chosen? Chau Sun admitted that someone has contacted him. He said, "Indeed someone has asked me to be the chair, but the chance probably wouldn't be great. I don't have the time and I am afraid that I can't handle it. I have been on the board before. Because everyone had their own jobs, it was hard for everyone to be present at the meetings. If not everyone was present it would be very hard to get things done. It's not just about having a chair, as long as the Cabinet can't be formed then nothing would be done."

Performing Artist Guild vice chair John Shum Kin Fun was also a favorite, but last week he already resigned because he could not make time for the post.

Shum Kin Fun did not want to comment further on the PAG troubles amid the license issuing incident and found Chi Wai's resignation regrettable.

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