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Mia Chen
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Simon Yam and Maggie Siu often chat and joke around 
Sam Lee jokes that director Dennis Law is trying to kill them
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Simon Yam Tat Wa and Sam Lee Chan Sam in their new film THE CONSTABLE (CHUNG FUNG JIN GAING) played cop and robber. They joked that director Dennis Law Sau Yiu did not care about their feeling, insisted on them personally performing dangerous stunts and tried to kill them. "After having a family, we have a lot of pressure when we make dangerous scenes. From now on we have to consider them carefully."

Yam Tat Wa said that the director wanted to capture a thief in a place that was 10 stories high and only 1 meter wide. His legs went numb. "When I was young of course I had no problem, back then when I made GUN N' ROSE (LUNG TUNG SEI HOI) with (Alan) Tang Kwong Wing, we fought on wires from the 35th floor and we weren't scared. Now I am afraid because I had to run 50 meters in pursuit of the thief. The thief had no 'wire' and I was worried for him. The mental pressure was enormous." Law Sa Yiu chimed in, "Indeed it was very dangerous, the wires would very likely snap." Lee Chan Sam who has not made an action film in awhile had to jump from the third floor to the streets. "I sat down for it to sink in, but the director said that I have already sat for a long time. It was time to jump." He said that when he was little he was not afraid of heights, now with a family he was.

The director wanted Maggie Siu Mei Kei to use the heaviest gun in pursuit of a thief. She felt that she could not handle it. After two shots she already had to rest. Yam Tat Wa joked that with the nourishment form love she was much stronger. Powerless to strike back, Siu Mei Kei could only smile sweetly. Siu Mei Kei worked with Andy Lau Tak Wa on a costume film before, they had to jump from the first floor. Because at the time they had no wire, she did not dare to jump. However Lau Tak Wa just jumped and took her with him without a second thought.

Playing a drunk girl, Mia Chen Jing Yi was being harassed. In the end Brother Wa lent a helping hand. Brother Wa said, "When I made this scene the director kept grabbing me and told me not to go over there yet." Law Sau Yiu said, "I was just tense from watching, originally if you didn't appear there would have been a lot more to see. As soon as you did there was nothing to see."

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