Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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Carlos Chan welcomes Wai Ying Hung on her triumphant return
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Wai Ying Hung two nights ago with the film THE WEDDING DIARY won Malaysia's First Golden Wau Award Best Supporting Actress. Yesterday she joyfully returned to Hong Kong but immediately headed to Hengdian to continue working. She said that with her earlier film AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) she made two Malaysian films and won 8 awards; earlier she has already asked the AT THE END OF DAYBREAK director to make another film for her. She will start work on a police action film next February. Siu Hung believed that this time would be her action film finale, as she aged she no longer wanted to risk her life and make "torture style" action scenes like jumping from several stories above.

Two nights ago Angelica Lee Sinjie with the Tan Kheng Seong (Ah Niu) directed ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE won Best Actress, but due to work she was unable to personally accept the award. Ah Niu accepted it on her behalf. Ah Niu immediately called Lee Sinjie with the good news and she was very happy. She said that the film has brought a lot of beautiful memories to her.

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