Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Winnie Yu, Shi Nansun, Pansy Ho
Brigitte Lin and her daughters 
Liu Juanjuan, Shi Nansun, Josephine Siao
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Shi Nansun yesterday received the Ordre ds Arts ets des Lettres honor for her contributions to cultural promotion between Asian Film and France. Her friend Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) and her daughters, Pansy Ho Chiu King and her friend Winnie Yu Tsang, Josephine Siao Fong Fong and her husband Clarence Chang Ching Po, the late Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's friend Daffy Tong Hok Tak and others attended the presentation and shared her joy. Tsui Hark was not present.

The ceremony took place at the official residence of France's Hong Kong Consulate General Arnaud Barthelemy. The Consulate General said, "Today we gather here to honor your outstanding career and vision in the film industry. Your thorough understanding of France and the French language has made you the bridge between Asia and France. At the same time, we also appreciate your enduring support of French directors and producers' work in China. For your hard work and determination in promoting French film in Hong Kong, I am very happy to present you with this honor that symbolizes my nation's thanks to a good friend like you for your great contributions."

Shi Nansun thanked the French government and the guests. "I was lucky to start studying French at age 12, the French culture's unique and romantic quality has extremely far reaching influence on me. It made me jump into the film dream factory without any regard. It fulfilled my dreams and enabled me to say 'Rein, Je ne regrette rien'."

Shi Nansun is currently the executive director of the Film Workshop, the founder and the CEO of the Distribution Workshop. At the same time she is a member of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government Film Development Council, West Kowloon Cultural District Management Council Museum committee and Hong Kong Travel Development Council. For over 30 years she has experience in media, entertainment, film production and distribution, the Film Workshop founder and executive director, and has participated in countless hit film productions. After the ceremony she posted for photos for friends.

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