Thursday, October 17, 2013


Wai Ying Hung and Elanne Kong are both nominated for Golden Wau Awards with THE WEDDING DIARY
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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam has toiled in the film industry for years and would give her all to every performance. Early in her career for the film SCARED 2 DIE (HAT SEI NEI) she performed without make up. In recent years for LOVE LIFTING (GO GUI OI) she ate heavily to gain weight. Her years of hard work finally is rewarded, early this year with the film LOVE LIFTING she received a Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination. Recently with THE WEDDING DIARY she received the first Golden Wau Award Best Actress nomination. Although she did not win, they were already great encouragement for Elanne who has not been in the film industry for too long. "I have never thought about winning an award, I am already very satisfied with the nominations. I have to thank Sister Hung (Wai Ying Hung). On the eve of the Hong Kong Film Award, she sent me a text message to tell me to be calm and keep looking pretty. She would support me. After reading it I immediately cried!"

Wai Ying Hung knew that Elanne was a crier, so she waited until a few days before the award show to send the text message and said to Elanne that she knew she would cry. Thus she did not dare to send the message on the day of the awards in order to keep her form crying. This elder has been attentive with Elanne. Because of their deep relationship when Elanne learned that Wai Ying Hung with THE WEDDING DIARY was nominated for Best Supporting Actress she could not be happier. "I am very happy and really hope that she will win, then we will be able to go to the award show together. I hope to have a great meal with the cast and the crew of WEDDING."

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