Friday, October 25, 2013


Raymond Lam, Janelle Sing, Kate Tsui, Karena Ng
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Raymond Lam Fung two nights ago with girlfriend Karena Ng Chin Yu, their BABY BLUES (NGAI YING) co-stars Janelle Sing Kwan and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan and director Leong Po-Chih attended the film's Guangzhou premiere. They promoted at many cinemas. With three actresses in tow Lam Fung of course was very lucky, but he and girlfriend Chin Yu BB were kept apart. Viewers asked Chin Yu BB why she did not play Lam Fung's wife in the film? The director explained that Chin Yu in the film was a tom boy who did not like guys, Lam Fung did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Although they were kept apart, Lam Fung took great care of his girlfriend and constantly kept an eye on her. Actually Chin BB's vehicle to Guangzhou got into an accident wit ha truck. Luckily they were not going fast and the driver reacted quickly, so everyone were safe. Chin Yu BB said that indeed she was very lucky and hoped to bring this good luck to the film. At the event, Lam Fung and Chin Yu both lost their games and had to accept their punishment. Lam Fung was made to wear jimmy's wig, Lam Fung who has always been beyond cool did not mind at all and made the fans scream.

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