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Hu Jun
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William Chan Wai Ting worked on the film AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG)'s poster. He appeared in the full "golden armor" gear, which the Hong Kong Fire Department provided. Thus when he put it on he had regulation to follow. The entire uniform including helmet and breathing equipment weighed about 20 kilogram. Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin had to personally put it on Chan Wai Ting. Chan Wai Ting said that when he made AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT injury was inevitable. In comparison Nicholas Tse Ting Fung had to personally perform death dying stunts, jumps in great heights. During the shoot their breathing equipment was a prop and had no oxygen. It was still a lot of trouble to put it on and take it off. Ting Fung while waiting for a set change sat aside in an almost zero oxygen condition. Even others saw that he would be soon out of oxygen and how high his tolerance was.

Speaking of Hu Jun's metal walkway fall, William who pulled him up was injured. "He is very big, I pulled something. We even had many bad takes. My minor injuries weren't anything special, because I saw how much risk Ting Fung took." He also pointed out that the film was completed last December and post production took a year.

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