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Chin Siu Ho and Anthony Chan Yau worked on another vampire film years later in Juno Mak Chun Lung's directing debut RIGOR MORTIS (GEUNG SI). They had nothing but praise for new director Juno. Chan Yau pointed out that Juno's brain was very developed, full of creativity and imagination. He was appropriate, very respectful and very courteous with the team. He absolutely was not like the rich kids that he read about in the press. He had no boss or director arrogance. Everyone worked together very comfortably. Juno was very certain about what he wanted, he would not quit if he could not achieve what he wanted. Chan Yau said, "I haven't made a movie in 20 years. I had no regret returning for this movie, I am very happy to have made a quality film. I don't know if it will have good box office, but it absolutely is a movie with thought and quality visuals."

Chin Siu Ho said that Juno's abilities to express and handle himself were very high. With a group of 80s people like them, he was still able to explain to them very clearly. Even with Wai Ying Hung and Nina Paw He Ching, he could use a woman's mentality to explain to them how to interpret a scene.

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