Saturday, October 19, 2013


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Ting Pei who was linked to Bruce Lee faced a lot of talk and pressure when Bruce Lee passed away in her home 40 years ago. She once said in an interview that at the time Bruce Lee and Raymond Chow Man Wai were discussing GAME OF DEATH at her home. Bruce Lee had a headache, so she let him lay down on the bed for awhile and gave him some pain killers. Chow Man Wai then went to pick up a friend. She on numerous occasions wanted to publish a book to discuss her relationship with Bruce Lee.

Recently Ting Pei appeared on a Radio Hong Kong program and shed tears emotionally when she talked about Bruce Lee. She on the program said that she did not like to think of Bruce Lee, her mother did not like him too much either and she never thought of becoming Bruce Lee's wife. However whenever she listened to the tape that Bruce Lee gave her, she would gain strength from it.

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