Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Kate Tsui sings Raymond Lam's songs in the film
courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of mingpao.com

Raymond Lam Fung in the film BABY BLUES 3D (3D NGAI YING) played a record producer. In order to find inspiration to create a song of death he almost tortured himself into a near death state. In one scene he went to the swimming pool and put his head in the water, held his breath for over 1 minute and almost suffocated.

In another scene he imitated the Death tarot card and hung upside down. "The shoot had to stop every 30 seconds or so because veins were popping out on my forehead and my eyes were blood shot suddenly. All the getting on and off the bar was very physically exhausting, like I was working on an action film." Lam Fung during the shoot was training for his concert. This scene also displayed his 6 pack abdominal muscles that he has worked very hard on.

Later Lam Fung handed to song to the Kate Tsui Tsz Shan played singer to perform, which reminded her of her first recording studio experience. In reality last year's THE VOICE OF CHINA winner Momo Wu (Ng Mok Sau) performed the song.

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