Sunday, October 27, 2013


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Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam, Hu Jun
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Andy Lau Tak Wa shot a video to cheer on the Hong Kong Television employees and touched many in the city and online. Some also worried that Wa Jai would receive a Mainland ban because of the move; however, yesterday Wa Jai appeared in Beijing instantly for his 146th film FIRESTORM (FUNG BO)'s press conference, proving that he has not been "banned". According to Mainland reports, a reporter was about to ask Wa Jai about cheering for the HKTV employees at the press conference. His friend Billy Kong Chi Keung covered for him and hoped that the focus would remain on the film.

FIRESTORM was the first 3D Chinese police action film. As producers Lau Tak Wa and Kong Chi Keung announced that the film will open on December 12 for the holidays in the Mainland and on December 19 in Hong Kong. At the event, Wa Jai also led a group on drums.

Yao Chen got back into shape after giving birth. Actually in the film she and Gordon Lam Ka Tung had a bitter romance. She also had to perform in Cantonese, which gave her a lot of pressure. Thus she deliberately studied Cantonese two months before the production started. Yao Chen also revealed that when she shot the scene in which she told Lam Ka Tung about her pregnancy, she actually was pregnant for real. Only she did not know yet. She joked that she was pregnant on and off screen, the director actually was a psychic. Yao Chen even joked that since the director was so accurate, from now on he should make anyone who disobeys him on the set pregnant in the script. Wa Jai jokingly asked the director, "Everyday people are saying that I am expectant, did you write that?" When director Alan Yuen Kam Lun said that he did, Wa Jai immediately denied it, "You made that it!"

Earlier Lam Ka Tung was rumored to originally be the film's lead but later Wa Jai became the lead, Lam Ka Tung was so disillusioned that he went to Media Asia after his contract ended with Wa Jai's company; yet yesterday at the press conference they were very friendly and did not look like they were at odds. Wa Jai even took Lam Ka Tung by the arm and said to Yao Chen, "Let's do this, next time in the script we will be in love, then you come and break us up!"

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