Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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DaDa Chan Jing who got into show business as a pseudo model in April won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress. In early August due to emotional disorder, she announced her retirement from the screen. At the same time she went into a "full dive" as she turned down any contact with her management company, which put her scheduled jobs into a complete halt. Later some witnessed DaDa gambling in Australia. Last month DaDa was mysteriously swollen and stayed with pseudo model Ivy Choi Ying Ying and was rumored to be pregnant.

Actually after three months in "seclusion", DaDa felt deeply regretful. In addition after resting awhile her mood gradually improved. Recently she began to go out with friends and wanted to make a comeback. Yesterday afternoon DaDa met with manager Celia Sie Lim Chi. DaDa presented desserts, which Sie Lim Chi shared with DaDa. Sie Lim Chi seemingly was lecturing DaDa as DaDa frequently nodded. Then DaDa picked up the tea pot with both hands and poured for Sie Lim Chi. She wiped away tears and sobbed to express her regret. Sie Lim Chi's expression also eased and touched DaDa's arm. DaDa emotionally embraced Sie Lim Chi and cried for two minutes.

Soon Sie Lim Chi showed her photo to DaDa, then picked up a pile of documents for both of them to sign. Then they had a heart to heart talk. Reportedly, for the company's forgiveness, DaDa added another 4 years to our existing 6 year contract. Next month a press conference will take place, then she will return completely.

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