Saturday, October 19, 2013


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Priscilla Wong Chui Yu yesterday attended a MCL Star Academy Chinese film forum. She revealed that the event will screen her first film I LOVE YOU, MOM (MA MA NGOR OI NEI), in which she and Gigi Wong Suk Yi played a mother and a daughter at odds. Chui Yi grew up with her dog and later made up with her mother. Wong Chui Yu said, "The film was made several years ago, I haven't seen it yet. Because when it was released I was overseas, I never had a chance to watch it. Back then I worked without make up, it was a movie about everyday life."

Would she be interested in another film challenge? She said, "I never thought about this question, being an actor is like a tool. When others feel you are useful, they would use you. (Rising popularity helps with a raise?) No, I have always been very cheap. Hurry up and use me."

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