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In her TELLING MARIA 2 interview, Angelica Lee Sinjie is a girl who is full of positive energy and very cheerful. The questions and answers are mixed a lot of laughter. However, she also reveals that she has her dark side, emotional upheaval and once under the disturbance of negative thinking. Her experience is very touching but cannot be aired in its entirety on the program.

Sinjie mentions her first meeting with Oxide Pang Shun's daughter. When they were just a couple, she met her boyfriend's daughter for the first time. Strangely they did not feel like strangers at all. She was even reluctant to be away from this child and really wanted to take care of her. At the time Sinjie was still very young, and her career was thriving. For a young girl to become Mommy at this time was already not easy, not to mention that the one who she carried the responsibility to take care of was not her own biological daughter. Yet for her boyfriend, she slowed down her work pace. Her love also made herself withstand the pressure.

She admitted that for awhile she had emotional upheaval. Luckily she had good friends to talk to. Everyone knew that Sinjie was good friends with Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Valen Hsu (Tsui Yu Wan). They supported each other. When Sinjie felt troubled, Charlie was spiritual counselor and made analyses for her. When she needed comforting, Charlie no matter how far away she was would always run to her side. Their friendship was very valuable. Now Lee Sinjie's husband has affected her and made her even happier and more positive; actually love could drive away negative energy.

Also just aired was Teresa Mo Shun Kwan's interview, Luisa Lai Chi San had to thank Glen Lee Lam Yan for his assistance. In the past she had few contacts wit her work, but she was known to be a nice person. Many of her heroic stories have been told. In one story Max Cheung Tat Lun said that in OFF PEDDER (BUT DA JI GEI YUN) he had a scene with Sister Mo with very long dialogues. At the time lacking acting experience, Cheung Tat Lun with his immature acting of course had a lot of pressure. During rehearsal, he felt that he performed poorly and got more and more nervous. Sister Mo sensed that he was tense too, so she gave him a lot of suggestions. Under her attentive guidance they successfully completed the performance.

Sister Mo took great care of the younger generation and was willing to lend a helping hand. On the same series, in one scene Aimee Chan Yan Mei and Yun Yi (Joyce Cheng) had a chat and even cried in a touching spot. They ran into a director who was easily frustrated. His specialty was frequently blasting people, sometimes even mixed in foul language and affecting the actors' performance. That day the director kept yelling cut, but asking two girls to cry and cry again was not easy. Sister Mo spoke up for them on the set and said their performance had no problem; she was someone who took care of the next generation like that. When Sister Mo saw which new comers put an effort into work and performed well, she would not hesitate to praise them but also mention their names in front of executives. Although in recent years Sister Mo no longer made television series, she still caught up with her situation series cast.

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