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Raymond Lam and Karena Ng Chin Yu two nights ago attended the film BABY BLUES (NGAI YING) premiere. On the stage Janelle Sing Kwan kept them separated; later reporters asked them for a photo, but Chin Yu BB's company was about to drag her away. Lam Fung took the initiative and grabbed his girlfriend for photos together. Everyone applauded and praised how cool he was.

They denied that they fell in love while making BABY BLUES, but they were happy and felt very lucky to work as a couple. As for being hesitant on the stage, Lam Fung said, "Work is work." One of the stops in BABY's Mainland promotion was his hometown Xiamen, but due to the intense schedule and his family was not there, he did not bring his girlfriend to meet his parents. Has Chin Yu BB already met his parents? He said that this was normal.

Chin Yu BB explained the lack of exchange with Lam Fung on the stage was because the actors paired up in their appearance, it was crowded and they were in a hurry to go inside to watch the movie. Was she not used to promoting with her relationship? She said that as an actress, she could do nothing about film promotion. The film company made the arrangements. Did she recall happy days wit her boyfriend on the set? She said that she had more scenes with Sing Kwan and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan than she did with Lam Fung. Did her boyfriend visit the set? She said, "We have to work, we don't just worry about set visits." Tsz Shan also said that she did not feel Lam Fung came to visit the set on purpose. She said that at work she would be more focused and slowed.

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