Friday, October 25, 2013


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Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) yesterday along with director Lee Hsing and DRAGON GATE INN lead actor Shih Chun served as guardian angels for old Taiwan films as they urged old film rescue. The event demonstrated restoration results with Lam Ching Ha and Charlie Chin (Chun Cheung Lam)'s AUTUMN LOVE SONG. When she saw the kiss scene with her old flame Chun Cheung Lam she awkwardly laughed. Chun Cheung Lam has already agreed to return to Taiwan to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Chen Chen for this year's Golden Horse 50 and said that he would not mind sharing the stage with old flame Ching Ha. Will Ching Ha attend the Golden Horse Award? She said that when it gets closer to the Golden Horse Award she would give everyone a satisfying answer. Director Lee Hsing said that Ching Ha and Chun Cheung Lam both have their own happy families and did not have anything to mind about. Reportedly Ching Ha has already promised Chen Chen that she will definitely show her support.

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