Monday, October 14, 2013


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Johnnie To, Miriam Yeung, Louis Koo, Vic Chou and Wai Ka Fai
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday worked on her new film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI II) with Louis Koo Tin Lok and "Jai Jai" Vic Chou Yu Man in a Sheung Shui mansion. The team celebrated Goo Jai's 43rd birthday on the 21st in advance. Playing a female tycoon in the film, Chin Wa revealed that sh and Goo Jai will have normal couple intimate scenes. Did she have to warn her husband Real Ting Chi Ko in advance? She said, "No! My husband gives me a lot of free space for work. He would only say not to eat so much, he worries that I would become very fat from all the eating."

Would Chin Wa consider introducing a girl to Goo Jai as a birthday gift? She shook her hand and head and said, "Never bother me with that! I tried to introduce someone to a friend, in the end I got blame because they weren't suitable. I would rather met more parents and introduce my own son." She pointed out that she has already arranged for her son to attend preschool. A year ago she got on the list to apply for school. Would she include her own autographed photo to increase her son's chances? Chin Wa said, "Artist work instead is a hindrance because many schools want to be more low key."

Goo Jai was asked if his birthday wish was to meet a girlfriend? He said that had nothing to do with his age, mainly because he was too busy. However he did not feel that he was pitiful; this year's wish aside from the usual good health was to be able to take time and go on a holiday with his family. Would he deliberately reduce work to fulfill his wish? He said, "I haven't deliberately made arrangements, I admit that I am a workaholic. Yet when I am off I would definitely completely rest and keep my family company. I feel that family is very important, when I have time I have to be with them. Unfortunately work has already been scheduled until next year. Luckily my parents haven't complained. Actually Mother is busier than me. Because she likes to perform Chinese Operas, sometimes she would not be home yet in the middle of the night."

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