Sunday, October 27, 2013


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Kenneth Ma, Jocelyn Luko
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Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming yesterday attended an event at the Sha Tin Race Track. A magazine claimed that when he worked in the Mainland on the Jackie Chan produced film YUET LOI SI YAU HEI, he caught the eyes of Frankie Chan Fun Kei's daughter Chan Yu Shu (formerly Chan Hoi Sum) as they posed for intimate photos; in additional two other actresses asked him to dinner. Ma Kwok Ming clarified, "The cover is very funny, saying that I am following Jackie Chan to make a living. Actually I am following TVB to make a living. The report said that I was very popular with women, unfortunately the fantasy was beautiful but the reality was cruel. The photo was only a still from the film, we didn't have dinner privately." Ma Kwok Ming also denied that actresses asked for his number and went to his hotel room to invite him to dinner. "Beijing and Shanghai girls are very demanding, maybe I don't qualify in their hearts."

Reportedly Chan Yu Shu liked him very much. Ma Kwok Ming immediately said, "Yu Shu had it the worst because her photo was the largest. She had some scenes with sexier clothing. In the film we played a couple, the photos were only stills from the film. I can only tell her to treat it like a promotion." Ma Kwok Ming joked that no girl has taken any initiative to pursue him despite his god status.

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