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After Eric Tsang Chi Wai resigned from the Performing Artist Guild chair post, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and John Shum Kin Fun were rumored to have also resigned. Lam Ka Tung yesterday attended film forum with Susan Shaw Yam Yam. He said that he already resigned the vice chair post 3 years when he was too busy with work. He thought Chi Wai and Shum Kin Fun's resignations were sudden and regrettable. He supposedly was upset that his role in the film FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) went from the lead to support and ended his employer employee relationship with Andy Lau Tak Wa. Lam Ka Tung stressed, "From the first day I knew I was in a starring role, one of the male leads. I didn't feel that my role was reduced. I am the lead, Wa Jai is the superstar! I only felt because I started a film production company, Wa Jai also encouraged me to be independent and work outside." Lam Ka Tung stressed that Wa Jai treated him very well and gave him many opportunities. They will continue to work together. He said, "Wa Jai asked me to write a script and even gave a down payment."

TVB stated that it was building a big family culture. Lam Ka Tung hoped that TVB will be able to give its artists a little more respectable salary, as he knew that many veteran actors after over 20 years only paid over 10,000.

Tsang Chi Wai's resignation made Shaw Yam Yam's heart ache. She said that he has always been willing to oppose evil forces. She did not know what made him willing to give up the duty of several hundred PAG members and the film industry. Shaw Yam Yam suggested Anthony Wong Chau Sun to be the next chair.

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