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Earlier winning the Huading Award Best Actor, Raymond Lam Fung continued to make different attempts in the film industry. Having made wuxia films and small romance, he performed in his first horror film 3D BABY BLUES (3D NGAI YING). He and Mainland new comer Janelle Sing Kwan played a couple and experienced many supernatural scenes. Because Karena Ng Chin Yu played Sing Kwan's sister, the outside focus inevitably fell on the "Fung Yu Romance". However Lam Fung praised Sing Kwan to be more suitable to play his wife than Chin Yu. "Sing Kwan's foundation is great, in addition she looks more mature like a married person. Chin Yu's character was more tomboyish, her own personality was also very direct so the casting was very appropriate. (Do you feel Chin Yu's acting has improved?) I too am just a new comer! Director Leong Po Chih is very experienced and very nice. He would teach us. (Will you work with Chin Yu again?) I don't want to, I feel we don't have to be too deliberate. Personal life should be separate from work."

An admitted chicken, Lam Fung said that he rarely went to see ghost films. This time he had to shoot in a remote mansion on the Lantau Island, which was a big challenge to his courage. "I would easily scream when I watch horror films, but I don't want to scream out loud. However I want to keep trying new stuff when I work on movies, the house after decoration and lighting was truly eerie. I already felt it when I watched the playback, the 3D effects would certain be more shocking. (Did you run into anything?) No, I am a chicken. I even waited until someone would go with me to the bathroom. Once a song suddenly played on its own, which was a little strange but was very minor." He also revealed that he wore flip flops and ran on the rocky ground, which injured his big toe. So far it still could not bend. In another scene his underwater kiss with Kate Tsui Tsz Shan was also very memorable.

A Beijing Film Academy graduate, Sing Kwan received boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming's support on her first film. She admitted that she was very lucky and thanked Lam Fung for taking care of her. "He taught me a lot, he really was able to give me a good husband impression and very quickly brought me into character." Sing Kwan played a pregnant wife who even had depression for the first time, which was rather difficult. She admitted that for awhile she could not leave the character. During breaks she still maintained her mysterious looks, which scared Lam Fung and the crew.

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