Sunday, June 2, 2019


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Endy Chow Kwok Yin two nights ago attended an event. As a father of three daughters, he said that he very rarely took the children outdoors. Now that they were already grown, they would go to gymnastics and skiing with friends. Endy would play a fighter in his new film. Lately he has been busy with fight training and gained 10kg. Before the official shoot would begin he would gain another 10kg. He said, "I feel you only live once, my manliest moment is deciding to join a band in elementary school. The second is this because before people always have the well dressed impression of me."

Endy admitted although the training has been very tough, he could eat whatever he wanted to gain weight. However actually some people had a very hard time with getting fat. After gaining weight he had more chins and his neck became fat. He also said that he would work with many masters in the film. His director Chiu Sin Hung has been training with him as well. Because the director has been busy with a play, for now he would only train alone.

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