Saturday, June 29, 2019


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Stephy Tang, director Chan Chi Man and Philip Keung
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The Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Philip Keung Ho Man starred psychological suspense crime film CHAN YING HUNG GAN (RUINDED SHADOW SPACE) earlier held a production wrap banquet, as the cast and the crew popped champagne to celebrate. Stephy has not made any music in awhile and everyone asked him to sing again. She as requested sang her Cookies era classic SUM GUP YUN SEUNG and the place went into an uproar! Then she also sang LIGHT BULB (DIN DUN DAM) with Justin Cheung Kin Sing.

Stephy joked that this time she "gave a lot of respect". "Everyone had a lot of fun, I also went crazy with everyone. Actually I expected everyone would ask me to sing my song because the venue has karaoke and the crew was very young. They always said that they grew up with my songs so I sang a little for everyone. I already gave a lot of respect, I normally wouldn't sing my song at karaoke. I hoped everyone had a good time." She admitted that she would continue to focus on her movies right now and have no plan to release any new song, but she would sing any suitable film theme song.

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