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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) in the film INVINCIBLE DRAGON (GAU LUNG BUK BAI) played a rich kid and a Chinese medicine practitioner. She had a breast removed due to cancer and a tattoo on her chest to remember her late mother. The character was very challenging, and gave her the first special effect make up with pizza dough for "human skin". She said, "We used pizza dough for the chest, each time took a very long time. I didn't dare to laugh or breathe too hard, as I was afraid that I would sweat from being too excited and the skin would fall off. In addition the tattoo took almost two hours!" Sum Yau said that her female special effect make up artist came from Taiwan, but she felt like she was topless. Being drawn on an important area felt very awkward. She said, "At first when she extended her hand, my natural response was to protect my chest. It was really funny!"

Max Zhang Jin in the film played the cop Dragon. Sum Yau was his Chinese medicine practitioner and would take his pulse and provide acupuncture therapy. She even used her family's position to help him out of trouble. Although they were not considered a couple their relationship was delicate. Sum Yau this time did not have any action scene, but was able to drive a pretty car on joyride as she raced with Kevin Cheng Ka Wing. Earlier the car chase took place on a blocked off Macau streets. Even with all the safety precautions they still had pressure. Ultimately each car was a luxury car. Director Fruit Chan Gor told her not to worry, put the pedal to the metal and drift up the hill to demonstrate her princess dominance. "Yet I was very afraid of scratching the Porsche, in the end I really scratched it!"

Sum Yu said that actually her driving was decent and came in first in a F1 charity race. She also drove while living in Canada and was an experienced and safe driver. When she came to work in Hong Kong she did not dare to drive, mainly because Hong Kong's roads were too narrow and she was not familiar with them. She often worried about scratching the car and did not want to become a danger. Sum Yau would return to Canada once a year and she would drive, but she was used to driving on the left side. Thus the director was very gutsy this time. How much did she have to pay for scratching a luxury car? Sum Yau said, "I didn't feel right about asking, but I saw the director staring and touching the scar on the car and mumbling to himself in a confused way. I thought that his heart was aching very much!"

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