Saturday, June 29, 2019


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Hong Kong film DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST (JOK GA DIK FONG YIN: BUK JUNG YAU JUI) recently has been invited to be the closing film of Chicago's 9th Asian Pop-Up Cinema. Lead actor and producer Justin Cheung Kin Sing and director and producer Christopher Suen Lap Kei will head to the U.S. in October together to attend.

The film festival last time chose the Anthony Wong Chau Sun starred STILL HUMAN (LUN LOK YUN). DECEPTION's selection as the closing film was very encouraging to the team. DECEPTION was a 100% domestic production. Now it would be able to go international under the Hong Kong film banner, the film company would cherish it very much. Justin admitted, "Under this moment and this environment, nothing comes easy. Just like I went to audience appreciation events whenever I had time, I believed that after trying it might not work, but not trying it definitely wouldn't work. I hope our Hong Kong film continues to shine and even break out of Asia to the U.S. This film was three years of my effort and the result of everyone on the team. I hope its box office would please the investors enough to say make a sequel."

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