Saturday, June 22, 2019


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Max Zhang Jin yesterday attended a star audience appreciation event at a Causeway Bay cinema for his film INVINCIBLE DRAGON (GAU LUNG BUK BAI). His wife Ada Choi Siu Fun did not come along. Zhang Jin said that his wife already accompanied him to the premiere, only that night she felt a little under the weather and did not make an appearance. He said that earlier their daughters had hand, foot and mouth disease. At first they had no idea and took care of their daughters with any protection. Luckily they were not infected. However he and his wife took turns all nigh to give their daughters medicine and take their temperature. His wife was also very exhausted. He said, "When I see my daughters sick it's very hard to take inside, but after learning what kind of illness it is I am not too worried. I am used to the kids getting sick, I am only afraid that I am not at my best when I make appearances. I can take it though!"

Speaking of working with MMA champion Anderson Silva for the first time, Zhang Jin said that he was an actual champion. It was his first movie so it had certain degree of difficult. The level of the danger was high as well, because he was used to competitive fight they could easily get hurt if they did not have a good grasp. He said, "However in the end we still had to fight topless, we couldn't add padding and had to take the hits. It felt like I fought many fights!" Did he notice the audience's reviews? Zhang Jin said that he also hoped that the audience would like it. He would humbly and sensibly watch everyone's sincere critique, only that way would he improve.

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