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Forensic scientist Stephy Tang sympathizes with Jennifer Yu's experience

Jennifer Yu in the film suffers abuses at the hands of her husband
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Artists Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Stephy Tang Lai Yun earlier worked on their new film CHAN YING HUNG GAN (RUINED SHADOW SPACE) in an abandoned school. At night the atmosphere became even eerier. Yu Heung Yi in the film suffered long term mental and physical abuse at the hands of her husband Kyle Li Yam Sun and in turn depression, as she looked for help from forensic psychologist Tang Lai Yun.

In "bruised facial make up" Yu Heung Yi screamed and sobbed. She even said, "Later I had to soak in a tub and showed off my back scars from long term abuse." Has she run into similar situation in real life? She admitted, "I haven't, but I have friends who did. I got a call in the middle of the night, a call for help from my friend. She just got beaten up!"

She also said that lately she has had 3 or 4 heavy movie roles. "I ended up with some negative energy. At work I am always doing crying scenes. After finishing all the jobs I plan to take Mommy and my sister to Greece for a vacation." She said that Mama wanted to join a tour, but she wanted to save money and decided to plan her own trip. "I would be the tour guide. (Are you saving money for a home?) I am planning to, I want Mommy to have a good home."

Originally the day was sunny, but after the team accidentally broke some glass a storm swept through. Before lead actress Tang Lai Yun took her mark, she hid in her vehicle to cultivate her emotions for her role.

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