Sunday, June 23, 2019


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Chan Chun Chi, Aka Chiu Wai Shan and veteran actress Sheung Yi yesterday attended the film THE LONG GOODBYE's charity premiere. Chan Chun Chi revealed that the funeral for his friend Lee Siu Kay, who passed away earlier this month would take place on either July 5th or 9th at the Diamond Hill funeral parlor with a Christina ceremony. Because they had to accommodate the cremation schedule, the date was to be determined. He said, "I represent Lee Siu Kay's family in thanking everyone for their concern. Because when he was ill his family was already mentally prepared, Brother Kay's wife has already settled down emotionally. I hope Brother Kay's friends would pay their respect in person and send flowers. I have already prepared over 200 stems of roses."

Chan Chun Chi and Lee Siu Kay have known each other for over 60 years. They grew up together. "Before his passing, I held Brother Kay's hand at the hospital and said, 'You are not a bad guy, not an addict, you are Christian.' Brother Kay looked mean but had a very gentle heart." Chan Chun Chi also praised his late friend for his film industry contributions and participation in many anti drug events. Speaking of the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild president Louis Koo Tin Lok making contact numerous times in hopes of doing something for the funeral, Chan Chun Chi said that the funeral was already set and thanked Koo Tin Lok for his good intention. He hoped that Koo Tin Lok would be able to make time and see Brother Kay off on his final journey.

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