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Joyce Cheng and BabyJohn Choi
Gin Lee
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Gin Lee Hung Ngai earlier was preparing for an event backstage when Metro Radio program host Barry and Metro chief business director Fung Ching Ting suddenly appeared and gave her a surprise Christmas gift.

After Gin Lee wrapped the present, it was the "Hit Mandarin Power Album" Award. Then ASANA 360 Global Limited business development director Chan Pok Fung presented the second award "Hit Mandarin Power Singer". Gin Lee was even happier than getting actual Christmas presents and thanked workers and fans who have always silently supported her.

8 years ago, Gin Lee came from Malaysia to become a singer in Hong Kong. At the time she did not speak Cantonese and did not have recognition yet. Then step by step she finally received the fans' recognition with her hard work. In July Gin Lee release her Mandarin album for her 10th anniversary in the business.

Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and BabyJohn Choi Hon Yik after playing an on screen couple became very close friends. Earlier while Yun Yi was preparing for a location shoot, Hon Yik prepared a surprise for her. Hon Yik turned into a "delivery boy" and delivered take out breakfast order to Yun Yi, with a side of "Hit New Media Song Award" and announced that the winning song was LIFE SAVING SONG. Yun Yi was overjoyed.

BabyJohn received the radio station's invitation to be a guest presenter for Hit New Media Song award to give Joyce a double surprise. BabyJohn said that six years ago he already presented an award to Joyce, but at the time they did not know each other. Thus this time when he learned that he would present the award on behalf of the radio station to Joyce, both were very excited.

Yun Yi's new song LIFE SAVING SONG reminded everyone to love and save themselves. If they ran into pressure or felt unhappy, they had to learn to relax and let go. Then they would naturally be able to get past any difficulty.

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